911 Dispatchers for St Lucie Co

My Heroes!

As Public Safety Telecommunicators Week winds down, I want to thank all the dispatchers who make the sacrifice of time and family along with the loss of physical and mental health to make sure the phones and radios are always covered. We all…


Happy Public Safety Telecommunicators Week – Tuesday 12, 2016

It’s only Tuesday but so far its been a great week and I feel very appreciated. I want to thank Tiffany Bennett and Ron Parrish for supplying the pizza and the water bottles. The “Swag” as Amy calls it came out better than…


Social Media

  When it comes to social media, everyone should be wary of the traps and pitfalls associated with this favorite pastime. Public Safety Telecommunicators/911 dispatchers, most especially, should be careful of personal post, pictures and remarks left on open forums. Social media has…


Child Stabbed – Suspect Shot by Police in Fort Pierce.

Last night was a horrible night for Fort Pierce Area Law Enforcement and SLC Dispatch. A young life was taken expectantly and violently. The horror played out on a 911 call and the police radio with officers arriving to a grisly scene. ¬†The…


Night Shift Effects on the Brain!

This article is a year old but the video is still worth watching and the article worth reading about how midnight shift work effects the brain. The article mentions a few options to stave off the jet lag effects of midnight work but…


Port St. Lucie triple shooting – 911 Audio

Our dispatchers did an excellent job getting officers and rescue to the injured while collecting all the information responding units need to do their job at maximum efficiency and care. It is very difficult to get information from upset and sometimes hysterical callers…


Treasure Coast Hospice Grief Support Counseling

Treasure Coast Hospice offers grief couseling for anyone who has suffered a loss. See the flyers below for services or visit their website!  


EAP and other services

Using the handout from the insurance meeting to make sure that everyone has the umber for EAP and a list of other services the program now provides. Message me for the password to log-in.      


211 Helpline Flyer and Reference Guide for St Lucie County

911 has become a catch-all including the go to for information but 211 is a good option when you need does not fall under police, fire or rescue. If you just have questions, but dont know who to call, browse the flyer below…


Monday Sgt. Gary Morales Trial Recap!

Court Chatter Youtube I will begin this morning by expressing my disappointment with TCPalms 2@pm article on the trial that was origianlly open but later found it closed and flooded with ads to subscribe. Also ¬†warning on watching Court Chatter videos. Yesterday was…